Our Identity

A villain symbolizes any individual who society is not fond of. Someone who is captivating in the essence of their presence and is the definition of persistence. Growing up I always gravitated towards villains in stories and felt as though I resonated with them the most. It's not so much what they actually do (like blowing up a building or something spontaneous) but instead that infatuated mindset towards their goals that always drew me in. Maybe they're just a little misunderstood right? 

A sanctuary in todays simplest terms is somewhere that feels secure. A place impenetrable to your most unfathomable insecurities and fears. Clothes were my sanctuary. No. Clothes are my sanctuary. The feeling of being draped in a garment that fits and looks just right is unexplainable. Even those who "don't care about fashion" still are cognizant of clothing. After all you got dressed this morning didn't you? 

This brand is going to be a collection of pieces that I think looks good and hopefully you do too if you read this far. Let's evolve together